Freqently Asked Questions

What are the pre-requisites in order to commence training leading to the award of a Multi-Engine Aeroplane - Instrument Rating (MEA-IR)?

All the answers are detailed in the new Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) Part 61. This document, along with a lot of supporting information is detailed on the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) website under the New Regulations banner. We STRONGLY recommend that students read this website prior to enquiring to ensure that they have/or shortly will meet the minimums required in order to commence the course. Ad Astral will not accept students to commence the training until they have met the minimum requirements.

Do I need to have a multi-engine aeroplane class rating before commencing training for the instrument rating?

No. At Ad Astral the training required in order to be awarded an initial multi engine class rating is included in the training course. Students who already hold a class rating will still undertake the same training course as they will be required to demonstrate competency on the BE76 in order to undertake the Instrument Rating flight test. Those students who already hold a class rating will find that they require less time in order to achieve the competencies required for the aircraft and the course can therefore sometimes work out to be less than the total amount suggested for the entire course.

How long is the course?

The Ad Astral MEA-IR course is a four week course. We limit our students on each course to ensure that we can meet that primary customer expectation. It is expected that students who attend Ad Astral for the MEA-IR would have a few hundred hours of commercial experience working as a Commercial Pilot before commencing course. Slightly more time should be allowed if you do not have that level of experience before intending to commence this course.

How demanding is the course?

The Ad Astral MEA-IR is a demanding course. Students will find that they will be undertaking a training activity or event on at least 5 days per week. This will include weekends. In some instances, students may be programmed for two training activities per day and may be required to be tasked over a six day period. In between these formal training events, students will be required to prepare and mentally rehearse flight training activities prior to the formal event, in order to be fully ready, and get the most benefit out of the training activity.

What are the Flight Test Requirements?

The Manual of Standards (MOS) is the document that supports the recently introduced changes to Part 61 of the CASR. The competencies and standards required to be demonstrated to the CASA Flight Test Examiner (FTE) are detailed in the Part 61 MOS. All students intending to undertake any aviation training should familiarise themselves with the document and the relevant chapter in the MOS BEFORE commencing any flight training. All Flight Training Organisations must be able to demonstrate how their specifically designed training course teaches the unique competencies stated in the relevant chapter of the MOS and how they expect to have their students ready for Flight Testing by the Flight Test Examiner (FTE).

Ad Astral has a proven course that has been designed over several years of experience both in the Australian Defence Force and the Civil Aviation sector and can demonstrate how we meet the requirements for the successful testing of our students for the issue of an initial MEA-IR.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The MEA-IR courses commence every three weeks with only one student on the course at a time. Places fill up fast and it is advisable to book early to ensure that you have the dates that you are seeking.

Do you hold IREX courses?

No. However we have access to a veteran IREX instructor who is available to tutor and guide students who are self studying through to a successful IREX pass. Ad Astral coordinate and facilitate this arrangement.

Is it true that I no longer need 5 hours night PIC before commencing my MECIR? And if so, is there any night requirement?

The part 61 changes state that there is no longer a requirement for 5 hours night PIC for the issue of a MECIR however there is still a night PIC requirement: The minimum is at least 5 hours of aeronautical experience at night as pilot of an aeroplane, including one hour dual and one hour of solo night circuits.